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            Is an electromechanical contracting company based in Cairo, offering our clients a wide range of services to cover their needs in the fields of:
            - Supply and installation of electromechanical works for lifting stations (drinking water - irrigation - sewage - fuel).
            - Alarm and fire fighting.
            - Supply and installation of overhead cranes.
            - Maintenance of pumps (depth - submersible - horizontal - vertical).
            - Maintenance and winding of electric motors of all kinds.

            Trading name: Electromechanical maintenance and installation
            Company Type: Limited Recommendation (Ibrahim Sayed Ibrahim & Co.)
            Managing Director: Eng. Fathi Ahmed Hassan
            Executive Director: Mr. Ibrahim Sayed Saleh
            Commercial Registration Number: 338968
            Tax file number: 320/7/1088/5
            Registration in sales tax: 619/377/296
            Building Membership Number: 28110

            Category 5th - Electromechanical works