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            Company History



            1. 1995 The company was established and we started the electromechanical works and it was the first irrigation station operation in Ahmed Orabi Association

            2. 1998 The first station for drinking water pumps in Mubarak Security Academy - the first installation of a winch overhead number (6) movement at the irrigation station at Mubarak Security Academy

            3. 2001 We became the current company name for electromechanical for maintenance and fittings

            4. 2004 We joined the Contractors Union for Construction and Building

            5. 2012 First operation of fire fighting line and pumps in Amoun Club (Ain Shams University)

            6. 2015 first operation for medium voltage batteries (EgyptAir Training Academy)

            7. 2018 First construction of exhaust fan room (EgyptAir)